Flexjet was created with the aim of bringing airline standards of safety into the operation of executive jets and is committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety throughout the organisation. We have a Safety Management System (SMS) that meets the requirements of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Document 9859 and EASA Regulation 216/2008 and we are highly regarded by peers and competitors of having one of the best safety management systems available.

The SMS provides an organised approach to managing safety in all aspects of Flexjet’s business. At the core of the SMS is a formal risk management process that identifies hazards that could potentially affect any part of the operation. These hazards are identified pro-actively and reactively and are subjected to Risk Management processes that assess and mitigate the risk.

Fundamental to the SMS is the safety policy that sets the scene for the participation of all employees in the safety process and for the cultivation of a safety culture throughout the company. Our Accountable Manager was invited to be a guest speaker at the CAA Conference on Safety Management Systems and was the first industry representative to be trained in Phase 2 SMS Evaluation prior to the mandated use of a fully functional SMS by all European operators in 2014, of which Flexjet were one of the first approved.

Flexjet’s SMS is amongst the best developed in Business Aviation and, whether you are a passenger on our flights or an owner of one of the aircraft that we manage, you can be assured that your safety and that of the aircraft and its crew are in good hands.